Zurich Insurance group


Concept Development


McCann London + 247GRAD

Zurich wanted to inspire their followers and digital communities while resonating their slogan ‘‘For those who truly love’’. Therefore a contest was co-created with Zürich Insurance Group lead agency (at the time) McCann London. An idea for social media needed to be conceptualized which integrated the video created by McCann London. The video shows Zurich insurance group agents taking melting snowman up to the Alps to help them survive the upcoming summer.

My role was to develop an idea that would inspire the brand’s digital community to take action making the slogan and video come to life.


After presenting wire-frames and a more in detail execution plan, the client choose to go with the ‘‘Virtual Snowman’’ idea.


To save your snowman, you uploaded a picture of the handsome fella or gal. The community voted which snowman they liked the most. The user with the most likable snowman was sent to the Alps – to be saved from the hot summer days.

The winner-event was accompanied by a team of cameramen to document the action. 

If you didn't have a snowman :( or picture, no worries you were able to create a unique one.


Digital Communication:

A content series was strategically planned and relied on the like-able snowman “Fred Frost”, which was part of the social media channels of the Zurich Insurance Group. This snowman was very socially active, melting the hearts of fans on his journey to the Alps.

The campaign emerged and was picked up by online news outlets like creativity-online.com, wuv.de and Brand Republic.

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