Adapting and Learning

Koblenz Germany, the very first place I visited outside of the U.S back in Summer 2012. Not only was it my first experience in Europe but I've decided shortly after graduating college it would be my new home too. This small city in the heart of Rhine Palatinate Germany was where I chose to evolve the next 5 years of my life.

Many said it was a crazy and a risky idea to move to a new continent and learn a new language. However, I was no stranger to the situation. I moved from Honduras to New York when I was 7, adapting and learning a new language, so nothing new there. Of course It was very challenging but It can be done.

Curiosity and taking risks opens me to a world full of possibilities. Those decisions that might be risky can sometimes be the most rewarding. It's now time to learn to adapt and be curious in a new place.

See you soon, Düsseldorf.📍