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NYC, Fashion Institute of Technology - Advertising & Design Department - One Club

PETA wanted to raise awareness about the ethical treatment of fish and  to ensure it with legal protection. To create the ''Keep Fish Alive'' campaign, we teamed up with major food and cooking websites and magazines to create cruel fish recipes methods like those used in real fishing. These recipes will feature disturbing steps linking to the spoof url of

The website elaborated more on cruel videos and methods of fishing and fish farming. Once enough angered people were aware of the cruel methods, the website changed and revealed PETA's true objective. Legal protection for fish and the opportunity to sign a petition, towards ensuring the ethical treatment of fish in the U.S. 


Print Recipes


Online Recipes


Social Media 

Outdoor/Guerrilla Advertising

Subway windows were blocked out with images of fish, appearing as if the subway car is one giant fish farm enclosure. Inside the cars, a captive audience was faced with messaging about the negative impacts of fish farming and over-fishing. 


Flash Mob

Next, a group of “PETA” supporters will flood the subway train, overcrowding unsuspecting riders. This group will be wearing additional messaging, further evoking the feeling of actually existing in a crowded fish farm. In the end this stunt will raise awareness of the overall problems with fish farming and its affects on surrounding environments and ultimately us. 

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