Marco Tozzi


Content Creation & Art Direction


Wynken Blynken & Nod + 247GRAD

MARCO TOZZI is the lifestyle brand for fashionable, trend-conscious market in shoes and bags. Making products for women who take life by storm, who live fully, and take risks with confidence. 

The campaign created by Hamburgs Agency Wynken Blynken & Nod formally known as Supermoon is a statement campaign ''Weil ich will'' meaning ''Because I want to''. The concept is women don't need a rational reason to do what they want (in this case purchase new shoes) because well sometimes the irrational reasons make it a bit more exciting to get what you want.

Art Direction

Wynken Blynken & Nod provided photoshoots for seasonal collections. Using those visuals, I curated content to fit into the ''Weil ich will'' campaign promoting Marco Tozzi's lifestyle, attitude and products. Additional content was created using product images available on the Marco Tozzi's website. This content therefore was connected to products links which led to sale conversions.


Content Creation

Content editorial plans and ideas were collaboratively made between social media managers and agency Wynken Blynken & Nod to effectively achieve the best social media engagement and strategy. Once approved, I curated those ideas into visuals on a monthly basis. Most content was created based on ''Weil..'' pushing the attitude and campaign of ''Weil ich will''. However, other content also highlighted seasons, trends and new available products and accessories. 


Targeted ads

Targeting ads were placed to optimize demographics with the right Marco Tozzi attitude. With using mottos and interests such as rock n roll, Octoberfest, nightlife or first date Marco Tozzi fans feel attracted to get the right product for the right occasion.


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