Art Direction, Concept Development, Graphic Design


NYC, Fashion Institute of Technology - Advertising & Design Department

The wrong abrasive pads can scratch your expensive stainless steel cookware.

Dobie is so confident that their abrasive pads will clean without scratching, that they’ll give you a second chance with cookware you’ve made the mistake to scratch.


Kitchen KickBack

Honoring the promise to give you a second chance, Dobie will recycle damaged cookware in exchange for new cookware. After recycling your scratched cookware, browse the online selection of online products, and redeem your coupon code for new cookware. 

Twitter Chase

Another initiative to earn new kitchen products will utilize Twitter. Users hash-tagging and sharing their damaged cookware, will win a new product if they are the final tweet when the twitter chase meter fills up.

Google Search

Using Google’s Search “Did you mean” feature, certain keywords will trigger a response, linking to the campaign testimonials videos on the official Youtube channel. These videos will feature women who’ve made the mistake of scratching their cookware linking to the campaign ''That one mistake''.


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