Digital Communication:

Since 2013 to 2018, I have supported Bayer AG with their global social media channels – strategically but also in daily online communications. Together with Bayer’s digital communications team we positioned the company as thought leaders increasing brand presence and trust. In doing so, I provided art direction, content marketing and community management expertise for their social channels. (facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedIn, pinterest).

Along the way, I’ve also worked with Bayer’s Animal Health Care and Bayer Healthcare Division to optimize their digital communication and efforts too.


Bayer Crop Science Division


Art Direction, Concept Development, Social Media Strategy and Management,  Content Marketing, Performance Marketing and Live Event Digital Coverage.



Art Direction and Communication:

I designed the digital template frames for the global social media channels such as twitter, facebook and linkedIn. Using articles and resources from Bayer to create shareable content true to their values, core mission and brand story. Furthermore, providing counseling on how to react to critics and user engagement. Which led to creating an effective work-flow which included scientists, stakeholders, agriculture professionals and Bayer global employees.


Global Twitter Account: @Bayer4Crops

Bayer Crop Science audience is very engaged; interacting with farmers, scientists, key stakeholders and critics alike. 

Bayer Crop Science manages to steadily increase its number of fans and followers, which is especially true for Twitter. This becomes even more obvious when compared to its competitors and other Bayer channels. In this context, Bayer Crop Science still has by far the highest growth rate on Twitter. From July 2013 with 3,000 followers to June 2017 with 195,000 followers and counting.

Instagram Creative Direction

The Instagram platform follows a system of 1 row with 3 columns to display users profiles, therefore establishing a guideline of rules and visual aesthetics for the Instagram channel made sense. This meant each post was strategically planned with an organized arrangement of colors and visual composition. Establishing guidelines created a unique and harmonic profile for the instagram channel @bayer4crops.


Content Creation

From 2013 to present, I had the role of a copywriter, editor, art director, and community manager for Bayer Crop Science official global channels. This meant the preparation of a strategic content plan for each month including copy, images, videos and all creative visuals for each post.


Event Support

I’m passionate about traveling and what better way to combine it than with work. I’ve attended and covered events from Paris, Amsterdam, Belgium, Frankfurt and Berlin. Digital coverage included periscope, facebook live, live photos and real time tweets and quotes from event participants and audience. Each event covered specific topics regarding the agriculture industry, regulations, including interactions with EU members of parliament.


For Example at the Weed Resistance Global Symposium, Bayer has created a unique platform welcoming 215 participants from 26 countries to discuss the global problem of weed resistance.

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