Amnesty International


Concept Development, Art Direction, Copywriting, Social Media Strategy. 


NYC, Fashion Institute of Technology - Advertising & Design Department

U.S Immigrants seek to secure their children’s future on their path to the American Dream. However, their children inherit their illegal status and leaves them with little to no rights in the U.S.

The DREAM Act is common-sense legislation drafted by both Republicans and Democrats that would give students who grew up in the United States a chance to contribute to the country’s well being by pursuing a higher education. The DREAM Act will raise awareness to help 2.1 million immigrant children reach a successful life. By not only pursuing a higher education but also establishing a legal status as Americans.

Update 2015 (President Barack Obama introduced DACA ''Deferred Action for Childhood Act'' to tackle this issue.)


Print Ads

Print Advertising to be placed in socially conscious, influential magazines like Forbes and Times as well as travel & culture magazines.

Subway Interactive Screens

Interactive screens placed on subway tunnels, turned on by motion sensors from commuters walking by. The environment will resemble a prison and when active, screens will show the DREAM Act affected children behind bars. Commuters will then be able to reshape immigrant children’s future by simply supporting the Dream Act.

Social Bus Shelters

Through a digital device installed on selected bus shelters people will be able to give a supporting hand. How? Simple, just place one hand over the digital scanner and take a unique photograph. The support will be uploaded right unto the Dream Act Facebook wall in real time with location tag.

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