ALTE LEIPZIGER Versicherung Aktiengesellschaft


Concept Development, Art Direction



Alte Leipziger needed a solution to inspire motorcycle riders and incline them to sign up with their beneficial motor vehicle insurance options.

As an American, I relate the U.S. Route 66 with all motorcyclist from all around the world. Every motorcyclist can identify with the famous route, most finding it a dreamy road. However, Germany has its breathtaking and unique landscapes itself. This is how the idea arrived for Alte Leipziger to invite riders from all over to submit their favorite routes within Germany for others to discover, find and vote to crown it, Deutschland Route 66. Lush meadows instead of dry desert, historic castles instead of towering cactus – reinventing the freedom of riding on the open road in Germany.


With creating a video teaser the idea was pushed on digital channels which lead to a landing page. The page gave users the opportunity to share, see and vote for the best routes as well as, interact through comments with other riders. In addition it included beneficial motorcycle insurance packages and testimonials from riders around Germany from Alte Leipziger.

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